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"With your and Michael's help my Deluxe Will was completed in time for me to get it notarized on Thursday. I cannot thank both of you enough. I was very impressed with your customer service and have already told two different people about your service."
Ann M Hinton
"This is a very serious matter - having a Last Will and Testament in place when you die (men and woman). Most people assume their wife or husband will inherit everything when one or the other of them dies. This is absolutely not true!"
Joan Hopson
"The service provided was a 10/10. It was easy, simple and fast to complete. Very straight forward and professional. I am definitely recommending you to my friends and family!"
Nanette Bartley
The preparation of a Will is something we all must do to ensure proper care for our loved ones and execution of our last wishes. Despite its significance, the creation process is surprisingly simple, straightforward and fast. Within minutes you can gain peace of mind; all without ever leaving the comfort of your surroundings. Complete your Will now.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: offers a free basic Will which may suit your needs with features such as a notary clause, executor assignment, a single distribution clause and more. We are able to provide you the basic Will for free by showing you ads and offers from our corporate sponsors. We also offer a fully featured Deluxe Will which includes custom distribution clauses, a basic trust, notary clause, guardianship provisions and much more with enrollment in our revolutionary Virtual VaultTM service which affords for unlimited changes to your Will for as long as you are a member, along with access to significant money saving opportunities with retailers, pharmacies and more, for a nominal monthly fee. You can also access the additional features included in the Deluxe Will for free by participating in selected offers from our corporate sponsors. Participation in these offers may require a credit card. Whichever route you take, we can help you assemble one of life's most important documents. Please note that the information and service provided by this site consists of document creation only and is not legal advice. provides general information and software services only. This site is not a "lawyer referral service" and provides no form of legal representation whatsoever. Use of our site is subject to our Terms and Conditions.